Training Academy

The Steps for each Phase and Requirements for the next Phase

  • You have to be all in on giving the absolute best customer service possible.
  • This is not a sit and wait for leads to drop in your lap position. This is a 100% commission position and it is for those go-getters who want to have full control over their own success. The opportunity is there to make over $100,000, but it's not going to just fall in your lap.
  • If your only concern is the amount of Basis Points you will earn, then you will not be a good fit for this team. Let's do easy math, 175 bps of 1M is less than 100bps of 5M. It doesn't matter how many BPS they offier you if they can't make sure you can handle the volume. You will make more because you will have the processes and tools in place to close more deals or increase your volume.
  • We are looking for individuals who value the total package, this includes, putting you in the best position to succeed, training, teamwork, technological tools to make your professional life easier, preferred pricing with wholesale lenders, a variety of loan options, national brand recognition, culture, and mentoring
  • If you have another full-time job, you will fit in perfect with the team. Many on the team have a another job and are working both until they can go full time or just as a steady source of additional income. You will need to plan to work the mortgage side every day. You will need to be responsive to customers, use your team to stay on top of things, and leverage your branch manager and processor to keep things flowing.
  • You will need to be comfortable with public speaking, comfortable talking with real estate agents, a critical thinker to look for creative ways to get the best deal for the customer, and a self-starter.
  • We pay for most of the operational expenses to include CRM, Web-based application link, renewal training and cost, and business networking for the first 6 months.
  • Once you get to Phase 3, if your license has not been approved, you can be a LOA and earn as you learn. You will get 65 BPS for every loan you bring, work and have orginated by your branch manager. Once your license is approved, you will be officially a Home Loan Strategist, you and start at 100 BPS for the first year.

Motto Mortgage Training Academy


1. Accept entrance into MMI Training Program
2. SAFE Class for National and Texas
3. Study for test

Passing to Phase 2

1. Take and pass the test
2. Accept Offer of Employment from TCB Solutions LLC
3. Provide access in NMLS
5. Background Check
6. Attest and Submit TCB Solutions as your current employer


1. Motto Mortgage

a. Loan Originator Career – How Motto Mortgage Innovates Your Business - YouTube

2. Social Media

a. How to Step Up Your Professional Game on Facebook |

3. Reading Credit Report

a. Reading a Credit Report in 5 Minutes or Less |

4. Professional Development

a. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ The 5 Principles Of A High-Performance Mortgage Practice with Todd Duncan | FRIDAY MASTERMIND #183 - YouTube

b. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Talk Less! Sell More! with Todd DuncanπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ - YouTube

5. Mortgage Coach


b. Consistency is Key! Use Mortgage Coach with every prospect!! | MortgageCoach

6. Time Management

a. Time Management |

7. Sales Skills

a. Who's the Customer? Selling Skills for Loan Officers |

b. What Are Successful Loan Originators Doing |

Passing to Phase 3

1. Pass the Phase 2 Open Book Quiz
2. Identify at least 3 Facebook Groups to join
3. Identify one business networking group to join. This could be Business Networking International (BNI), Network in Action (NIA) or another.
4. Have High Speed Internet
5. Send a picture of your Computer/Laptop with 2 additional monitors and a professional workspace
6. Realtor Engagement

o Study the programs and offerings.
o Edit the Realtor Presentation - Give a live Realtor Presentation to the training team.
o Identify at least 5 realtors who have agreed to either use you as a referral partner or is willing to schedule a meet and greet


1. Access to Motto Center

o Email
o WemloLBS

2. Motto Mortgage Independence Product Training – DropBox

o Life of the Loan Process
o Vendor Matrix
o NonQM Vendor Product Overview

3. Encompass Training

4. Motto LO 101 Virtual Training

5. Pricing Training – Provide pricing for 3 different scenarios

8. Closing Costs Primer – DropBox

9. Wemlo Training –

10. Any Elective training from MottoLearn MMTA Graduation

MMTA Graduation

Home Loan Strategist Requirements

1. NMLS Approval
2. Identify a vanity domain for your own use that is available
3. Provide a professional photo for business cards and website
4. Self Generate your first Loan Application

o Loan Submission Checklist – DropBox
o MLO Loan Process – DropBox
o Wholesaler Accounts Created

1. Official Application Link Created
2. LO Page created
3. Virtual Domain Linked to LO Page
4. Production Wemlo LOS Account
5. MMI MLO Startup Checklist - DropBox
6. New MLO Starter Kit – DropBox
7. Motto Mortgage LO 101 Live
8. UWM LO 101 Training - Optional
9. Implement Social Media Plan - DropBox